Thank you for your interest in fundraising for chILD. We cannot thank you enough for your support. It is greatly appreciated and your help makes such a difference towards raising funds and/or awareness for chILD.

If you are stuck for ideas, please check the JustGiving Fundraising ideas page. 

Top tips for Fundraising:

  1. Plan your event. This can be anything from a cake sale, work raffle to a sporting event.
  2. Use JustGiving. This is a convenient method of promoting your event and collecting donations. We can even claim Gift Aid for those who qualify. Please find our page here:
  3. “If you don’t ask…!” Then as the old saying goes, you don’t get. Which is true in many ways. If you feel comfortable asking for help, donations or items for your fundraising then this will all help promote and raise awareness for ChILD. If you get stuck, you could always contact us to see if we can help.
  4. Tick the Gift Aid Box. If there is one available, the extra gift aid boosts your fundraising amount.
  5. Advertise. Is there anywhere you could promote your event? For example at work or at your child’s school. Social media is a good tool for promoting your event also, and it may reach people you expect.
  6. Matched Giving. This is where your employer matches any fundraising monies you raise. It’s worth asking your employer if they participate in this.
  7. Take Photos! We’d love to see your event. If we get the opportunity, we will promote them on our ChILD social media.
  8. Contact Us. Is there anything we could do to help you promote the event? Or do you need a thank you/letter of appreciation? Please contact us and let us know. We’d also like to thank you for your time and support.